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  1. Mel posted by lilkaitie

    Wow! She looks incredible!! I'm amazed what y'all are coming up with but this one... this one I would love to adventure with!
  2. Hi and thanks for these suggestions, I sent you an email and am waiting for your reply!
  3. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I recently upgraded some of the server's tools and the image thumbnail creation was temporarily misbehaving. It should work as normal now, and your submission should show the image you previously upaded. Thanks for using the site :)
  4. Vesperknight posted by vesperknight

    Thanks Brandi! Yea.. I can't get enough of this game.. and I love how clean the graphics look during the in-game cinematics.. that's where I snatched those two screenshots from. It's very easy to transfer them off the PS4 too with a usb flash drive.
  5. Stressful loading

    Options should work now whether you're logged in or not. As for the rest... I hear you... the site is definitely unfinished. I just poured so much time into it I feel bad for launching it half-baked. At the same time it's hard to allocate the time it needs because it's not making any money especially with over 50% of the audience using adblock =\ I want to add ratings.. better comments... and so many more features. I also realize I should try to make it lighter... I will hopefully get around to some of these issues but right now I am forced to focus on other projects because if I don't I'm not going to have the means of putting food on my table. Hopefully people will post to this site once the new Dragon Age comes out.. that will surely motivate me!
  6. Heather Shepard Shepard posted by heathershepard based on Myself

    Absolutely gorgeous work Heather! I'm so glad you posted.. I was secretly hoping you would some day! Thanks!!
  7. Drengin's Mods

    Wow very nice! And thanks for taking the initiative to put a little life in these forums!!! I am working on ways to make this forum come alive but it's not so easily done!
  8. Stressful loading

    I've just added a new "options" icon near the search bar that allows you to disable both the animated fog and the full page image transitions. Disabling those should speed up the site quite a bit. I will be adding more options to this dialog as they come to mind. You need to be logged in to change them but then they will be remembered and tied to your account. I've also just fixed (I think) that annoying bug that keeps logging you out when you switch pages. So hopefully these two changes make navigating the site that much better for a lot of people.
  9. Man I should really make it so I get a new email anytime a forum post is made because I hadn't even noticed these! Well it's rather easy for me to add new games but they won't have fancy graphics to go along. The end goal is to have you the users be able to add new games as well as add many game-specific options yourself.. but I just haven't gotten around to building this rather complex system. Would you be willing to help out with this process by any chance?
  10. Stressful loading

    Hey thanks a lot for the feedback! Yes.. I totally realized from the get-go that this site was going to be pushing the limits.. just look at the amount of animations and large size graphics it's using. This is a case of me satisfying me with lots of bells and whistles which is what I like. As a programmer it's also a ton of fun to be slapping on all these different features and functionalities. It all comes at the cost of expensive resource taxing for anyone with a slower computer. I am now realizing that it also costs a lot of money to have everyone download 4MB of javascript lol... but this will only become a problem once and when the site becomes way more popular. I will try to optimize where I can of course.. I always am mindful of tricks to decrease the loading. I cache heavily but once I implement reverse-proxy caching through Varnish it'll speed up quite a bit I imagine. I'm also thinking of simply adding an "options" panel where you all can easily turn on/off the more taxing features such as the full page background transitions and the animated fog at the top. Yea I think I'll do that... this way people with slower computers can immediately take advantage of faster loading without removing features that I happen to quite like. Anyway there's so much more I want to add to the site but right now as life would have it I am stressed for money and had to shift my focus a bit before I go full reins on this project again. But either way expect new features and bug fixes to keep trickling down.
  11. Nedlea posted by Nedlea

    Thanks for submitting your claim :) It looks really great!
  12. Cirith posted by AlderaanDuran based on Natalie Portman

    wow you made her so cute! excellent likedness as well! you're awesome and thanks for sharing! Btw I'm working on redesining the comments cause nobody seems to be using them.. I'm working on it though and many other changes are slowly coming. keep em coming please more like this would be awesome! Btw I'll also be adding a celebrity section with much easier navigation.. that's coming soon!
  13. Quinn Shepard Shepard posted by Silverwings

    You're welcome :) And thank you for saying that... I still have a lot of bugs to fix and features to add... and I need to figure out the best way to engage my audience and give you all the proper tools to make this site explode with content... I'm working on it! I wish a social media ninja would come knocking on my door to give me a hand!
  14. Quinn Shepard Shepard posted by Silverwings

    whoa! :wub: she's really hot! she's got human qualities somehow.. amazing job!
  15. Four years ago I made http://old.masseffect2faces.com on a whim one morning on the launch date of Mass Effect 2. It's a very basic website that allowed gamers to upload their in-game character and allow other users to download it into their game.. which resulted in a lot of sharing of specially crafted characters that look awesome and unique to play with. The site has been surprisingly popular and even today still manages 3000 uniques a day on average. Not long after the initial launch I started envisionning a 2.0 version that would work for all games and would cater to this community I had accidently tapped into. About a year and a half later I started work on Faces of Gaming... Fast foward to about 6 months ago, after I quit my job so I could finish this and make it worthy of a large scale website that utilizes all the skills I learned working for a larger company. I don't see how it could have happened otherwise to be honest, the free time needed would have taken me years more. And now today is the day I finally launched.. after answering "soon", "when it's ready", "next week" or "maybe tomorrow" for way too many weeks to my friends and anyone who asked ;p I know I count more than a few gamers amongst my friends so to you guys and girls.. I am happy to share this site that I made in part or in whole with you in mind. I'll also be happy to receive any and all feedback by the way, on facebook or via the site itself or whatever ;) Today is the launch of the BETA because the site is a work in progress and also because I plan to use this BETA to build up some hype. So without further ado, try the following links and please feel free to share this message or these beta invitaton links below! http://fogn.me/abzx <--- Get your beta invitation key here and then please register with it :) http://fogn.me/fog <--- If you just want to look click here Faces of Gaming Network <-- FB Group P.S. If you feel like sharing this with a large group or community, let me know so I can create a new beta giveaway URL for you :) And Thanks!!