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  1. Adorable and Deadly nice combination....love the backstory...I'm not the creative I just like making faces:)
  2. great backstory....yes I do read those things
  3. Vesperknight posted by vesperknight

    Interesting face and eyes....i like it:)
  4. Jane Shepard posted by MESPECTRUM

    she's really pretty has that innocent look about her
  5. Delia Shepard posted by Delia based on Face Database

    the hairstyle is one i hadn't seen yet I like it!
  6. Seven Shepard posted by Cedes based on Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan)

    I see the resemblance good job
  7. Esme Shepard posted by Veca

    Love the eye color!
  8. Betty Shepard posted by coolghoz based on Eve Green

    Very pretty!
  9. Alexandre Shepard posted by TicklesMcGee

    I love the differing hair tones ...a drool worthy maleshep!
  10. TwoStar Shepard posted by HARBINGER based on Variation of Jen

    So pretty and innocent!
  11. John Shepard posted by ldf8u based on Previous creation.

    Another handsome maleshep...
  12. James Shepard posted by ironsting

    Very handsome!
  13. Eden Shepard posted by LamoN

    Pretty girl !!!!
  14. Natasha Shepard posted by Verona

    she looks great ...i love the artistic license taken!
  15. Robert Shepard posted by Krul

    cool looking shepard!