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  1. Introduce Yourself

    Hello there, I do have all 3 title's of Mass Effect and number 3 is my most intresting one. Why, well because you can do so much with it on modding the game and that did brings me here to this wonderful site. I was looking for a strong and sexy face to give it to my own femshep. I even been lucky to find that face I was looking for. I was posted by Drengin, he had a wonderful face put here on the site. It's the headmorph of Celise Shepard. I use it on my own femshep right now together with the nice hair mod of Brook's hair, that gives me a beautiful femshep, her name is Karin Shepard. The wonderful thing that give me as a bonus are the eye's of the illusive man as well wth this headmorph. I even looking forward to share idea's, plans and some positive reactions with you all here on this wonderful site as well. And now I even looking forward to get my hands on the new Mass Effect 4 who is in developing atm when it comes on the market.
  2. Nice backgrond story you made together with this character of yours. Most of the time I even try to create even a so called background story for my character as well, but than I end up to play the game with my character instead of making a background story. :teehee: My endorsement for your background story of your character I give you, Nice. :thumbsup:
  3. Esme Shepard posted by Veca

    Nice strong face your character have and as well the eye's are even very nice. Great job, I give you my endorsement for your nice work. :thumbsup:
  4. Thats nice to know, but with supprise I received the illusive eye's when I did install the headmorph of Celide Shepard to my character. You can check it out to look at my Avatar. That's a screenshot of my in game character. But this doesn't mean that you did some creat job here, I give you my endorsement for you kind work :thumbsup:
  5. Celise Shepard Shepard posted by Drengin based on My own design

    Your character is amazing, I have collect it and I do use it as my main character in my ME3 game play. Here by I send you my endorsement for your beautiful work.