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  1. Kirk Shepard Shepard posted by Maeve4444 based on Chris Pine

    @JRSV - Thanks!  That's a real compliment coming from you :) I enjoyed playing him - animates well and fits the voice too. I am going to do all 3 games with him now.Â
  2. Lightning Shepard posted by JRsV based on ME2 Lightning Shepard

    I really like her - she is so beautiful. I used this creation code and even did some of the mod for the hair color and makeup.
  3. Terminator Shepard posted by Alcatraz0098

    Wow - I wouldn't mess with him! Great look for a Renegade Male Shepard
  4. Thora Hedris (Nord) posted by Maeve4444

    @JRSV Thanks! I do like Skyrim's world. There was a period of time where I practically lived there. It's funny you should have Kirk (Chris Pine) as the image for your test id. I just made a ME3 character based on Chris Pine.