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  1. Nel Shepard Shepard posted by MonkeySR1

    Looks really great! Thanks for the share :woot:
  2. Alexandra Shepard posted by Victoria

    Is a headmorph required for this or is it purely a code generated face with textures? Looks good :thumbsup:
  3. Drengin's Mods

    Just thought i would share a few of my mod creations with the people here in case you did not know of them :) Click image to view mods ME2 Mods: - ME3 Mods: - Plus many more variants on Shepard's bed HERE
  4. Amanda Shepard posted by JRsV based on Miranda Lawson

    Any news on this my friend?
  5. Sorry about the link. The file is active but this setup does not allow you to click on links! http://www.mediafire.com/download/9nrc1p1sispw9v6/Celise.zip This will get you the headmorph. You will have to try to highlight the above and then CTRL+C to copy it and CTRL+V on a new tab. Sorry it's not my design but this way works here. You may also be able to right-click the above and copy etc.
  6. Medea Shepard posted by Veylia91

    This is a repeat submission of the same headmorph > http://mass-effect-3.facesofgaming.com/submission/hub/id/53a49ee73d1988b5478b4567/name/medea
  7. Yumiko Shepard Shepard posted by Maya AB based on asian

    Does this require a headmorph or is it purely a creation code and texture/hair?
  8. Kim Shepard posted by JRsV

    Headmorph please... Location :blink: