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  1. Iron Bull's Redhead posted by MonkeySR1

  2. Trevelyan posted by MonkeySR1

    Find her on youtube:
  3. Nel Shepard Shepard posted by MonkeySR1

    haha, now that you say that :) Thank you. Watch her 'half badass' playthrough on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy4lS8V_Vfu2--yXO87hsC52PtzWfzGCL Thanks again!
  4. Nel Shepard Shepard posted by MonkeySR1

    Sorry I wasn't here in a while. Thank you!!! :)
  5. Sarah Shepard Shepard posted by Drengin based on My own design

    Damn, she's pretty. Reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones :) Awesome work!
  6. Jack Shepard posted by cozzybob

    That is by far the best and most unique male Shepard I have seen, awesome work! :) I have never done a male playthrough, do you have a similar looking character for ME1 and ME2? Â