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  1. Diana Praxidike Shepard Shepard posted by mcjda

    Links for Soulful Eyes and Natural Eyelashes version 2 are dead. Please provide new asap. 
  2. Sareen Shepard posted by cell1e

    Links for Natural Eyelashes, Brow and Eyelash replacer and Lena Face Texture are dead. Please provide new asap.
  3. Rene Shepard posted by nativezero

    Please put headmorph link again.  Old is dead.
  4. Ama Shepard posted by Cosmina based on cuteness ^_^

    All lins are dead. Please provide new links... We cant reproduce her without them
  5. Eris Shepard posted by ELE08

    Link is dead.....Please provide working links so that we might be able to reproduce this beaty.
  6. Nonducklips Shepard posted by Anonymous

    The link for Devon Freckles texture is dead. Please provide new link for face texture.
  7. Blond Shepard posted by Finnen based on Bioware\'s Art

    Where can i find Lena face texture ? Link is dead. Please provide new.
  8. Carey Shepard posted by JRsV based on me3 Carey

    Your post should be moved to Mass Effect 2 since your headmorph zip file dosnt contain a headmorph for mass effect 3.
  9. Hannah Shepard posted by JRsV

    I think this is the new link for hair https://elemods.blogspot.com/2013/06/mass-effect-3-list-of-moddable.html
  10. Elizabeth Shepard posted by JRsV

    Pleae provide new link to hair mod
  11. Megan Shepard posted by uk

    Link to headmorph is dead. Please provide new.
  12. Joan Shepard posted by ahobaka based on Imagination

    Link to hair is dead.
  13. Diana Shepard posted by Gabrielle based on hair of Diana Allers

    You give no headmorph and no links to hair mod or save editor settings. How are we supposed to reproduce this girl?
  14. Elline Shepard posted by Xezcente

    Please provide new links for ME3 - Female Wrinkle Mask Edit.rar and for CustomSkinME3.zip
  15. Rivka Shepard posted by athenashavoc

    Link to headmorphs is dead. Please provide new one. We cant reproduce her without it.