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Hi I'm Falconer, known in the real world as Ben. I used to be called Falcon084 when the site was known as Mass Effect 2 Faces Database. I'm happy to be a part of this great creative community :)  

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Hello there, I do have all 3 title's of Mass Effect and number 3 is my most intresting one. Why, well because you can do so much with it on modding the game and that did brings me here to this wonderful site. I was looking for a strong and sexy face to give it to my own femshep.

I even been lucky to find that face I was looking for. I was posted by Drengin, he had a wonderful face put here on the site. It's the headmorph of Celise Shepard.

I use it on my own femshep right now together with the nice hair mod of Brook's hair, that gives me a beautiful femshep, her name is Karin Shepard.

The wonderful thing that give me as a bonus are the eye's of the illusive man as well wth this headmorph.

I even looking forward to share idea's, plans and some positive reactions with you all here on this wonderful site as well.

And now I even looking forward to get my hands on the new Mass Effect 4 who is in developing atm when it comes on the market.

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