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Hello everyone, I have added my mods to the BSN site.


There are TONS of hair, clothing, armor, some dresses and also misc. mods like:


Play the game as jack

Play as Miranda

Play as Kasumi

Play as Tali

Play as Aria


Also, Icon shep with long hair mod

Glasses mod

Varren on the Normandy mod

and a few others.


I cannot post all of the pictures here because they are all combined into several huge images, but I can give you a couple and the link to watch some gifs of the mods in action and for you to see the mods themselves.  http://forum.bioware.com/topic/558538-play-as-other-characters-mod-aria-tali-miranda-kasumi-and-jack/


Hope you take a look, there are tons to pick from!








Glasses mod




Liara's Headband Mod



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