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Megan Shepard posted by voteDC

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Megan Shepard posted by voteDC

<-- Click this link to see the full character page

The actual slider settings for ME1 should you want them. The translation system the site uses is not kind to her.


Facial Structure-

" ": 6

Skin Tone: 2

Complexion: Full right

Scar: 8



Neck Thickness: 23

Face Size: 14

Cheek Width: 13

Cheek Bones: 13

Cheek Gaunt: 0

Ears Size: Your choice

Ears Orientation: Your choice



Eye Shape: 7

Eye Height: 11

Eye Width: 14

Eye Depth: 15

Brow Depth: 12

Brow Height: 1

Iris Colour: Full left



Chin Height: 22

Chin Depth: 1

Chin Width: 19

Jaw Width: 8



Mouth Shape: 6

Mouth Depth: 3

Mouth Width: 2

Mouth Lip Size: 17

Mouth Height: 9



Nose Shape: 5

Nose Height: 3

Nose Depth: 11



Colour: Full right

Hair: 1

Brow: Full right

Brow Colour: Full right

Megan Shepard posted by voteDC

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