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Mi-Ilu Yahaz posted by SuperSnail based on None

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Mi-Ilu Yahaz posted by SuperSnail based on None

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Some say that the Velothi, though also called Ashlanders, were saved from the catastrophic events of the Red Year with the intervention of Azura herself. Others say that the Ashlanders had some mystical, if not unholy, magic that fortold of such destruction. But to some, such matters mean little to them, that they should concern themselves with the 'heathens' that roamed the wildlands of Vvardenfell.


Born in 4E 176, Mi-Ilu Yahaz never saw the destruction of her homeland, nor did she witness the atrocities committed against her people. Rather, she was raised amongst the Urshilaku Tribe; roaming the untouched wilds of Morrowind. Though conflicts did occur, life was relatively peaceful. The land gave freely, the herds of guar were plentiful, and the tribes rejoiced under Azura's blessing. But like many instances within ones' life, change is bound to occur.


Blessed with a vision, though obscured at best, from Azura, Mi-Ilu saw that her future was no longer with her tribe, but in the frozen land of Skyrim. Packing what little should could carry, the young Dunmer said goodbye, and made her way toward the border; unaware of the fate that awaited her arrival.


Name: Mi-Ilu Yahaz

Age: 25

Class: Apprentice to the Wise Woman / Mage



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